Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Of project groups and decisions

In Pune recently for the weekend, I met up with all those friends from college who happened to be in Pune on that weekend, since everyone had split up to live his own life (Alas! Those college days...). As we were discussing 'those college days', the topic of our final year projects came up. And of course, that of the time when everyone was busy forming project groups. It happened that we had a rather unusual way of forming our project groups. We had what you would call a democratic decision of who will be partners with whom. Here is how it went:

We gathered up 9 people who had no clue what the project or how the groups should be. We then proceeded to procrastinate till the penultimate day on which the project groups were to be submitted. The proper time had now come to resolve issues - the eleventh hour. I think it was D who came up with the radical solution to our particular problem. He suggested we all gather in one place. We write down what our interests were. The 'domains' in which we wanted to do our projects in. We then read out all of the chits on which we had written everything down.

And then we decide, based on our project interests and who we wished to work with, who our tentative project partners should be.

The fact that finally the project groups turned out to be almost exactly the same as we had 'voted' speaks very well for this kind of decision system for this particular application.

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Monday, January 22, 2007


The terminal: the best application ever made.

Rhythmbox: plays mp3 with a sophisticated library.

Firefox: The mainstay of browsing.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007


This weekend I've downloaded and installed the latest Ubuntu, and its fantastic! The last time I had used Ubuntu, it was just another Linux distribution. But there are loads of new features in this one.
  1. The battery monitor works perfectly, and is installed by default. (I have a laptop)
  2. Sounds and display works perfectly. (Wasn't any problem in the earlier version, but still)
  3. Best features of all: suspend and hibernate work perfectly!
Even apart from these features, everything looks just so...smooth.

There was no problem in enabling media players to play avi's, mp3's, encrypted dvd's and whatnot. The documentation on the forums is excellent. Will put up the screenshots later.

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I am back!

After a looong time of inactivity, seeing friends not chatting with me because they are busy in blogging has spurred me to restart my blogging career. Thats all for now. More later when I get to the actual blogging.